Notice for shipping of assembled dolls and bodies

Currently, Sweet Gale has finished shipping of all head parts only orders. Assembled dolls and bodies are a behind schedule because of doll box production delays and Sweet Gale received orders more than usual. All orders will be promptly executed and are expected to be completed by early March. Sweet Gale apologizes for this delay.

Reopens pre-oreder orders

Sweet Gale has informed you that the normal skin colors had been changed because of the cast factory. But luckily, we reconciled our ideas and Sweet Gale will go on to release the same old resin color. Sweet Gale is going to finish shipping work for the orders(~JAN 16) then reopens the orders. Thank you….

Sweet Gale temporarily stop receiving all orders

Sweet Gale temporarily stop receiving all orders. Sweet Gale was informed that normal skin color was changed from the cast factory today and has not yet seen the changed normal color. If you ordered before Jan 5th, you will receive a doll that the same old normal color. Sweet Gale doesn’t have any cast facility…