MALCOLM is released and notice for body order

Sweet Gale releases limited Malcolm. Order period is from May 12th, 2013 to Jul 8th, 2013. Malcolm: + There is a good news for people who are waiting to order Sweet gale body parts and pre-order dolls. Sweet gale receives orders for the body parts and pre-order dolls from today. Thank you all for…

[Closed] Notice for body order

Pre-orders for bodies are suspended for the present, Sweet Gale apologizes for this inconvenience. Sweet Gale cannot receive the pre-orders yet but will make an exception and receive only 3 orders next week. (You can order body only or assembled doll.) The order date is April 11th 16:00 and you have to send an order…

Notice for Cyril orders of Nov 14th~Dec 4th

Normal skin Cyrils and only one pale skin Cyril for orders that from July 28 to August 11 had arrived 2 days ago here and they are sent by EMS today. If you ordered the pale skin or also ordered face-up, it will take a little more time to be delivered . The pale skin…

CYRIL is released

Sweet Gale asks for your continuous interest and love! Thank you.^^ Order period is from Oct 20th, 2012 to Dec 8th, 2012. Cyril:

Notice for body parts

Sweet Gale begins to sell body parts separately. It will be updated soon in Sweet Gale shop. Thank you! ^^