Notice for 47th Seoul Doll Free Market

Sweet Gale is going to attend 47th Seoul Doll Free Market. The released dolls and upcoming ones are going to be displayed at the doll free market. Sweet Gale asks for your continuous interest and love!

Sweet Gale begin selling the heads parts

After months of eager anticipation, the day finally arrives. You can order head parts only now. Thank you for your interest. Please visit Sweet Gale shop!

Sweet Gale shop is opened!

No more waiting for an invoice. You can order Sweet Gale dolls now. Please visit Sweet Gale shop! If you’d like to send a payment via other method of payments, please get in touch with Sweet Gale. Currently, October 2014, Sweet Gale website and webshop were consolidated into one.

JAYNE is released

Thank you for your continuous interest and love! Jayne:

JOSH&DANNY are released

Sweet Gale releases limited Josh&Danny. Thank you all for your interests. Danny: Josh: Thank you. ^——-^!