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* 맨손으로 호야 머리 *

        이 프로모션 사진의 호야 (Hoya)는 노랑 보통 피부이며 6-7 인치 가발, 14mm 눈입니다.

  • 조립 된 호야 포함 사항 : 호야 머리, 신체, 인증 인증서, 기본 상자
  • 헤드 부품에는 다음이 포함됩니다 : 호야 헤드, 인증 인증서
  • The wig, eyes, outfits, face up and accessories in this promotion photos are not included in your order.
  • Please allow 40~50 business days for delivery of the heads and allow 70~80 business days for delivery of the assembled dolls.

A skin color has been changed.

Before order

  • Colors may slightly differ depending on your monitor screen types and settings.
  • The cast of Sweet Gale dolls start immediately after confirmation of the deposit. After the confirmation we do not accept order cancellation due to mind change and individual reasons of customers.
  • Urethane dolls are characteristic in that they have parting lines. We do not remove all parting lines except for gate traces.
  • Sweet Gale dolls are not perfectly symmetric since they are hand-made.
  • Sweet Gale does not respond to such questions as clothes compatibility with other companies, skin color comparison, and size comparison. (Sweet Gale does not have dolls of other companies.)
  • Sweet Gale does not provide exchanges and refunds for visually-undistinguishable trivial parts and any phenomena that appear as characteristics of duplicated dolls.
    (for example, scratches created during removal of gates)
    ※ Please understand these are hand-made.
  • Sweet Gale does not allow exchanges and returns of goods damaged by customers.
  • Please apply through the email for exchanges within 7 days after receiving dolls with visible air bubbles or foreign materials.
  • 조립 된 인형의 주문은 70 ~ 80 영업일의 준비 시간이 소요되며 인형 머리의 주문은 배달 전 40 ~ 50 영업일의 준비 시간이 필요합니다.
  • 배달은 EMS를 통해서만 이루어집니다.
  • 스위트 게일은 신중한 명령을 요구합니다.

Yellow normal, white peach

Product Choice

Head Parts only, assembled Hoya[27 body]