Skylar Order period  

1st order period: 2015.9.11 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2015.9.16 21:00 Seoul time(KST)
2nd order period: 2015.11.11 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2015.11.13 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

You can order only pale skin!

If it is marked as [processing] on ‘My Account’, the deposit was confirmed.

Please contact me if an error happens during PayPal payment. 
[when the cancel mark is in the order information although the payment was done normally / when the payment is not done but canceled repeatedly]
I’m sorry for causing you inconvenience by the payment error.

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  • Skylarin this promotion photos is pale skin and he is wearing 16mm glass Eyes, 8-9inch wig.
  • Assembled Skylar includes: Skylar Head, Body, random Acrylic Eyes(16mm or 18mm), Certificate of Authentication, Default box
  • Head parts only includes: Skylar Head, Certificate of Authentication
  • The wig, eyes, outfits, face up and accessories in this promotion photos are not included in your order.
  • Please allow 50~60 business days for delivery of the heads and allow80~90 business days for delivery of the assembled dolls.

* bare Skylar head *


Before order

  • Colors may slightly differ depending on your monitor screen types and settings.
  • The cast of Sweet Gale dolls start immediately after confirmation of the deposit. After the confirmation we do not accept order cancellation due to mind change and individual reasons of customers.
  • Urethane dolls are characteristic in that they have parting lines. We do not remove all parting lines except for gate traces.
  • Sweet Gale dolls are not perfectly symmetric since they are hand-made.
  • Sweet Gale does not respond to such questions as clothes compatibility with other companies, skin color comparison, and size comparison. (Sweet Gale does not have dolls of other companies.)
  • Sweet Gale does not provide exchanges and refunds for visually-undistinguishable trivial parts and any phenomena that appear as characteristics of duplicated dolls.
    (for example, scratches created during removal of gates)
    ※ Please understand these are hand-made.
  • Sweet Gale does not allow exchanges and returns of goods damaged by customers.
  • Please apply through the email for exchanges within 7 days after receiving dolls with visible air bubbles or foreign materials.
  • The order of assembled dolls takes a preparation time of 80 to 90 business days and the order of doll heads takes a preparation time of 50 to 60 business days before delivery.
  • The delivery is made only through EMS.
  • Sweet Gale asks for your prudent orders.


Product Choice

Head Parts only, assembled skylar[Boy body]